Some Sad Weeks

I had several not-so-fun happenings after my last post. My employment will end after March, my dog died and my health has been extremely bad. All that led to me not being in a mood for blogging for a while. Now I am back though! I have some interesting stuff planned for the coming time. Stay tuned.


Music to Work by: Moonglow Bay OST

I have written about my habit to listen to instrumental music while working before. I have found a new gem in that space. I recently started to play Moonglow Bay, a beautiful slice-of-life game where you play a fisherman that takes it upon himself to revitalize a struggling coastal town.

Despite the fact that I have perhaps twice touched a fishing rod in my entire life, I really enjoy the game. A big part of that is the very beautiful and relaxing soundtrack by Lena Raine. She has written more great music for games, like Celeste.

The soundtrack for Moonglow Bay has been my constant companion during work for a few days and I am still not over it. Always a good sign.


LEGO Minifigure, A Visual History

Most of my reading is done on an e-reader. But for some things, that just won’t do. An example of that is the fantastic book I got as a birthday present. It is all about little yellow people called Minifigures.

This comprehensive book shows the history of the Lego Minifig, and while the DK books are very factual and a bit old fashioned when it comes to layout, the pictures are great and I have been having a wonderful time picking it up and just looking at and reading about the enormous amount of minifigs Lego has created over the years. The little orange spaceman that comes with the book is an added bonus, this exclusive minifig is very nice to look at. My son really wants that one, but as he tends to take them apart and reuse the components, as one should with lego, this one is off-limits to him.


Forest: A Productivity App

My endless fascination with productivity and apps to improve my productivity has led me to Forest. That is in its essence a rather simple app. You plant a tree, by not using your phone for a set amount of minutes, in which you do work. It feels like a Pomodoro but it helps with distractions as well.

I rather like the idea and started to experiment a bit. My biggest issue so far was that, when the app was running on my phone, I could still procrastinate on my computer. No longer as I have found that there is an extension for Chrome as well.


A little break

My 38th birthday is coming up in a few days, so my weekend will be filled with some modest festivities to celebrate that. And though blogging is a lot of fun, offline celebrations with dear people is fun as well. I will resume blogging somewhere after the weekend.

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Spoken Word Poetry

Finding something new to obsess about is always interesting. Today it is spoken word poetry. An example of that is Sarah Kay on TED.

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Link in Bio

When you use social media, you are probably familiar with the phrase Link in Bio. Meaning that in the short bio you have available, a link can be found. A few years ago, you had to change that link manually every time you wanted to link to something different. Later, services like Linktree popped up where you could use a single link and change the contents of the page as you please.

After using that for a while, I now decided to make a page for that on this website. Why use an extra step to lead people to my content here? I am curious if this will make a difference.

You can find the link page here.


Game: Kind Words

With the world on fire due to a pandemic, I often find myself looking for wholesome videogames to play. There is an interesting curated collection of those available here.

What I am currently playing is Kind Words, not even really a game, more an experience in which you can send letters to people who ask for them and post a request to get your own letters. All anonymously.

It really is a fun thing to do, I suggest you give it a try, the game is available on Steam

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Getting back to health

We often complain about the government here in the Netherlands, but something I really like is that we have a good healthcare system. Thanks to that I get 50 physiotherapy sessions to recover from my COVID infection.

I had the first sessions today, and that was good. Hard but good. From the amount of soreness I believe this is going to work.


Coffee & Music

My favourite way to do deep work is the combination of coffee and instrumental music. I currently listen a lot to the Soundtrack of Coffee Talk, an excellent Virtual Novel. Below you can find the playlist on Apple Music. Enjoy!