Moving House

I spent most of my day today helping my sister move house. That has reinforced my belief that I don’t intend to do that anytime soon unless there is an absolute need. I don’t want to think about packing up all our belongings and moving them around.

On the other hand, it might be an excellent trigger to do some minimalising and downsizing. Now I am tired and sore from manual labour (not really what I usually do) so off to bed early I guess.

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Back to Work

The frequency of new posts here might change a little in the coming days, due to me going back to work on Monday. While I still will be at my desk a lot (much more than I do now in my time off), I will not always have the time to write.

I do look forward to getting back to work. TIme with my family is great but I happen to like my job and have some interesting projects coming to fruition in the coming weeks. One has been a year of prep work, so I really want to see that going well.

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Multiple Interests

All my life I have been told that I have to choose, that I can’t have multiple things to be really passionate about. That I need one true calling in life. I disagree with that, but I never knew that an entire community of like-minded people. On Puttylike that community can be found and it is really interesting to read what they have to offer.

The founder of Puttylike, Emilie Wapnick held an interesting TED Talk about the subject, which is embedded below.

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Design is not magic. It’s a method—a rigorous process of exploration, iteration, and validation until you reach your outcome.

Austin Kleon – Keep Going

This quote comes from this excellent article.

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These boots are made for walking.

My COVID infection in July 2020 hasn’t been kind to my body. I was building up my stamina by running and now am happy to reach my office in the attic without pausing along the way.

To counter that, I have started to take daily walks. Something I found that helps me do that are mobile AR games. I briefly joined Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but that game ends on January 31st, 2022 so that isn’t really a great idea. I don’t want to get invested in something I know to disappear soon.

I also know about Pokemon GO and Jurrasic World Alive, both favourites of my 6yo son. But I want something more tranquil, so for now I have settled on Pikmin Bloom.

The game is less battle-heavy than Pokemon GO and mainly focuses on walking. I have just started, so not many results yet, but I am curious where this will take me in the coming months.


No blog post today

Due to some health issues, I have to undergo a scan in hospital today. The stress that brings with it and the fatigue it causes will mean that I will not write a blog post here today. I plan to resume tomorrow.

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2021 – The Year I Got Into Journaling

In 2021 I really got going when it comes to journaling. Having heard numerous times that it helps with mental health, I decided on the first of January 2021 to give it a serious try. With the result of 371 separate entries in 2021. I won’t go sharing my journal with you, but I will share the tools I use.

Day One

My main app for journaling is Day One. This is an app for Mac, iOS and even Apple Watch although I haven’t tried the latter yet. Typing, while possible, is finicky at best and I am not yet ready to record voice entries in my journal. Although it would feel very like Star Trek (Captain’s Log, Stardate…). An experiment for this year maybe.

Day One is excellent for me because it syncs across my phone, tablet and laptop and has good security. It is also easy to use. The app delivers what I need from it, an absolutely private digital space. I recommend it.


Another app that has become a staple of my day is Grapefruit. While it can be used for journaling as well, I only use it to register certain daily parameters about my mood / mental health and for analyzing these parameters over a longer period. It is usable on Apple, Microsoft and Android devices and is really easy to work with. You get the info you need at a glance and it is highly customizable. It really helps me to get an overview of moods and the correlation between moods and certain activities, without having to read the long-form writing I do in Day One.


A bit of a weird one in this list, but not less important, is Obsidian. This is a really, really great note-taking tool that I use for both personal and professional purposes. While some people journal in it as well, I prefer the more walled-off Day One for that. But that doesn’t mean Obsidian isn’t getting a lot of use. I make Daily Notes about work and my passion projects, the contents of those help me to get my daily journaling done and track my progress across all my projects.

There are many more tools for journaling out there, but these are mine. I am curious to see where they will bring me in 2022.


Happy New Year

Just want to wish all of you reading this (around 450-500 unique people in 2021) all the best for 2022.
Regular blogging will resume later today or perhaps tomorrow.

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Weird Things Counted

I came across an article on Slashdot today about weird stuff that has been counted in 2021. Now I know how many bubbles there are in a beer, how many satellites circle the earth and that elephants have been counted…. FROM SPACE! Read it here!


LEGO art

In my mind, many people make art with Lego. I visited the Bricks in the City exhibition in Antwerp this year and was intrigued.

Another great Lego artist is Ernesto Lemke, he participated in the Dutch/Belgian version of Lego Masters and makes wonderful stuff. Check it out here!