Currently Reading: Asimov’s Foundation

Despite being a huge fan of science fiction I never got around to reading Asimov. I knew the name, of course. And I heard of the 3 Laws of Robotics. I even saw I, Robot.

But I never actually read any of his work. Until now. A week or so ago I started with the first book in the foundation series, triggered by the Apple TV Series foundation that is (loosely) based on the books. I have worked my way to the third book in the series and find it hard to put them down.

Not because of the gripping action, the suspense or the drama, but because they are so different from what I have been reading in the genre. Action is replaced by dialogue, arguments, inaction, and most of all, ideas!

Big and small ideas, about society, how to run it and the role of rulers and those ruled in a society. While not all of those ideas have survived the 80+ years since the first books in the series were written, they make me think. And it has been a while since a sci-fi novel has managed to do that.

I found an interesting thread on Reddit on sci-fi books about ideas and will not lack reading material in the foreseeable future.

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