LEGO Minifigure, A Visual History

Most of my reading is done on an e-reader. But for some things, that just won’t do. An example of that is the fantastic book I got as a birthday present. It is all about little yellow people called Minifigures.

This comprehensive book shows the history of the Lego Minifig, and while the DK books are very factual and a bit old fashioned when it comes to layout, the pictures are great and I have been having a wonderful time picking it up and just looking at and reading about the enormous amount of minifigs Lego has created over the years. The little orange spaceman that comes with the book is an added bonus, this exclusive minifig is very nice to look at. My son really wants that one, but as he tends to take them apart and reuse the components, as one should with lego, this one is off-limits to him.

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