Music to Work by: Moonglow Bay OST

I have written about my habit to listen to instrumental music while working before. I have found a new gem in that space. I recently started to play Moonglow Bay, a beautiful slice-of-life game where you play a fisherman that takes it upon himself to revitalize a struggling coastal town.

Despite the fact that I have perhaps twice touched a fishing rod in my entire life, I really enjoy the game. A big part of that is the very beautiful and relaxing soundtrack by Lena Raine. She has written more great music for games, like Celeste.

The soundtrack for Moonglow Bay has been my constant companion during work for a few days and I am still not over it. Always a good sign.


Game: Kind Words

With the world on fire due to a pandemic, I often find myself looking for wholesome videogames to play. There is an interesting curated collection of those available here.

What I am currently playing is Kind Words, not even really a game, more an experience in which you can send letters to people who ask for them and post a request to get your own letters. All anonymously.

It really is a fun thing to do, I suggest you give it a try, the game is available on Steam


My Games can now be played!

Well, one game, or actually a prototype. I started to play around with Construct 3 and decided to add all the prototypes I make to my site. The main reason for that is that I believe that I learn best in transparency and that I think that I will improve quicker if people can actually see what I make.

Find the list here.


Back at it: Gamedevelopment

My mind is wired in a way that I need a project of some sorts that has no goal other than teaching me something whilst having fun. The extrovert part of my personality finds that in the several nights each week I spend teaching kids handball, coaching or refereeing matches and getting the various tasks I have as a board member of the local handball club.

The introverted part of my personality was severely lacking anything like it, but by chance I got back into something I did quite a bit of several years ago, the development of my own little computergames. Well, prototypes mostly, quick and dirty drafts to explore an idea. I even participated in the excellent and now sadly defunct OneGameAMonth challenge.

I decided to get back into that after having read the excellent memoir by Sid Meier. Just to dabble a bit and broaden my horizons. Not with one game a month, but with one every few months, I hope.