Another Tool Gone

I love interesting little tools that do one thing well. But not when it comes to note-taking. I have set my sights on one app that lets me store all my notes on whatever subject. Code snippets, notes on books I read, recipes, everything.

For many things, Obsidian has been my go-to app for the past 6 months. Easy to use, locally stored, syncs beautifully with all my devices. But a pain when it comes to storing recipes in a format that is easily used when cooking.

No more! Today’s Obsidian Roundup (highly recommended newsletter!) mentioned that the CookLang plugin for Obsidian is now available.

CookLang is a markup language for recipes. I am going to play around with this a bit and will be retiring Paprika Recipe manager soon for something that is easier and stores my information in a non-proprietary way.

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