Learning new things is always exciting. Learning new things about stuff you love even more so!

For years I have loved beer. Mostly craft beer and special beers, not a big fan of “regular” beer.

Some of my friends share that love, and with one of them, the idea of brewing our own beer came up. Being big fans of IPA’s that was the first batch we made. Starting to brew turns out to be as simple as ordering a Starting Kit online and following the instructions. Our IPA turned out pretty great so we moved on to brew a Belgian White (another favorite of ours).

There we hit a bump, lack of control over temperature led to the beer boiling to hard, thus losing a lot of the yield for that batch. Still tasted good, but not as we wanted it to turn out.

So we invested in a brew system that lets us control temperature more and decided to brew another (and bigger) batch of IPA. That batch of 20 litres is currently fermenting on my dinner table. My writing of this post is accompanied by the slow bubbling of the fermentation vat.

It’s a fun new hobby and I learn a lot about beer in the process. I am very curious how our next batch turns out. Stay tuned!

More info about our brewing (in Dutch) here.