Back at it: Gamedevelopment

My mind is wired in a way that I need a project of some sorts that has no goal other than teaching me something whilst having fun. The extrovert part of my personality finds that in the several nights each week I spend teaching kids handball, coaching or refereeing matches and getting the various tasks I have as a board member of the local handball club.

The introverted part of my personality was severely lacking anything like it, but by chance I got back into something I did quite a bit of several years ago, the development of my own little computergames. Well, prototypes mostly, quick and dirty drafts to explore an idea. I even participated in the excellent and now sadly defunct OneGameAMonth challenge.

I decided to get back into that after having read the excellent memoir by Sid Meier. Just to dabble a bit and broaden my horizons. Not with one game a month, but with one every few months, I hope.

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