No blog post today

Due to some health issues, I have to undergo a scan in hospital today. The stress that brings with it and the fatigue it causes will mean that I will not write a blog post here today. I plan to resume tomorrow.

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2021 – The Year I Got Into Journaling

In 2021 I really got going when it comes to journaling. Having heard numerous times that it helps with mental health, I decided on the first of January 2021 to give it a serious try. With the result of 371 separate entries in 2021. I won’t go sharing my journal with you, but I will share the tools I use.

Day One

My main app for journaling is Day One. This is an app for Mac, iOS and even Apple Watch although I haven’t tried the latter yet. Typing, while possible, is finicky at best and I am not yet ready to record voice entries in my journal. Although it would feel very like Star Trek (Captain’s Log, Stardate…). An experiment for this year maybe.

Day One is excellent for me because it syncs across my phone, tablet and laptop and has good security. It is also easy to use. The app delivers what I need from it, an absolutely private digital space. I recommend it.


Another app that has become a staple of my day is Grapefruit. While it can be used for journaling as well, I only use it to register certain daily parameters about my mood / mental health and for analyzing these parameters over a longer period. It is usable on Apple, Microsoft and Android devices and is really easy to work with. You get the info you need at a glance and it is highly customizable. It really helps me to get an overview of moods and the correlation between moods and certain activities, without having to read the long-form writing I do in Day One.


A bit of a weird one in this list, but not less important, is Obsidian. This is a really, really great note-taking tool that I use for both personal and professional purposes. While some people journal in it as well, I prefer the more walled-off Day One for that. But that doesn’t mean Obsidian isn’t getting a lot of use. I make Daily Notes about work and my passion projects, the contents of those help me to get my daily journaling done and track my progress across all my projects.

There are many more tools for journaling out there, but these are mine. I am curious to see where they will bring me in 2022.


Happy New Year

Just want to wish all of you reading this (around 450-500 unique people in 2021) all the best for 2022.
Regular blogging will resume later today or perhaps tomorrow.

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Weird Things Counted

I came across an article on Slashdot today about weird stuff that has been counted in 2021. Now I know how many bubbles there are in a beer, how many satellites circle the earth and that elephants have been counted…. FROM SPACE! Read it here!


LEGO art

In my mind, many people make art with Lego. I visited the Bricks in the City exhibition in Antwerp this year and was intrigued.

Another great Lego artist is Ernesto Lemke, he participated in the Dutch/Belgian version of Lego Masters and makes wonderful stuff. Check it out here!


Far Out There

I love stories. There are so many ways stories can be told. A method that has piqued my interest this year are webcomics. A post with my top 10 is in the works, but for now a little sneak peek:

Far Out There is a sci-fi webcomic that is fun to read, looks excellent and is more than 1000 pages into its story so a lot for you to catch up on. Seeing it progress in both story and artstyle is so much fun!


Listening: The Back Page

Today was a chance to dive deep into a new podcast. I had quite a bit to drive today to pick up a wardrobe for my son in the only IKEA in any reasonable distance that actually had it in stock. So I drove nearly two hours (and two back) to get it.

I listened to the Back Page podcast. New to me, it has been around for about a year now and features two games journalists (Matthew Castle of RPS fame and PC Gamer’s Samuel Roberts). They have long talks about certain series, look back at a certain year in gaming or they go wild on their own careers in magazine publishing.

All that is brought with humour, some self-depreciation and a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended!


Apple & Payments

If you have ever been part of the Apple ecosystem, as a customer, a developer or both, you will have noticed that it is walled off quite thoroughly. Payments have to be made within the ecosystem, with no room whatsoever to offer payment options that circumvent Apple.

I get it, partially. Apple wants to make sure they get their cut (despite claims that it is all to protect the privacy of its users). But it is not user-friendly.

Now the Dutch anti-trust watchdog ACM as looked into this for the Dutch market. And while it is probably a long wait until any meaningful change, the first results give me some hope that things WILL change in the future. Let’s wait & see.

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A little Hiatus

I will be going into Christmas mode from today. Expect new posts from December 27th. Enjoy some Christmas parody until then.


A LEGO Typewriter

I love to write, so it won’t come as a big surprise that I am fascinated by typewriters. Obviously writing and editing on a computer is much easier. But that does not lessen the fascination.

Recently, LEGO launched a fantastic set, where you build a typewriter. I have bought it and started to build it with my son. It is a great set, and an interesting build, very relaxing.

If you want to read more about it, go to the excellent review by Brothers Brick.