Here in the Netherlands, we currently are in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown started December 14th 2020 and won’t end before January 19th 2021, but probably will last longer. At least, that is what I believe, reading today’s headlines. I would be very surprised when the lockdown will not be extended.

Meanwhile I am back at teaching. Something I enjoy professionally, turns out to be a struggle at times while at home. Besides teaching I am also the tech support guy at home, which is a challenge in itself.

It is a struggle to do my own job while helping my kids with their education. Not that they are unwilling to learn, it’s just hard to focus on my own job when at the same time I am explaining some idiocy of the Dutch language to my daughter or showing my son how to write a nice 5 (the challenge in the latter is my terrible handwriting).

The Boston College has written a small list of tips. My favourite is “shaking your sillies out”, although my kids don’t appreciate me “dancing like no one is watching”.