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These boots are made for walking.

My COVID infection in July 2020 hasn’t been kind to my body. I was building up my stamina by running and now am happy to reach my office in the attic without pausing along the way.

To counter that, I have started to take daily walks. Something I found that helps me do that are mobile AR games. I briefly joined Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but that game ends on January 31st, 2022 so that isn’t really a great idea. I don’t want to get invested in something I know to disappear soon.

I also know about Pokemon GO and Jurrasic World Alive, both favourites of my 6yo son. But I want something more tranquil, so for now I have settled on Pikmin Bloom.

The game is less battle-heavy than Pokemon GO and mainly focuses on walking. I have just started, so not many results yet, but I am curious where this will take me in the coming months.

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