I spent quite some time thinking about blogging lately. A few years back I did the same and decided to remove old posts and reboot the blog. While the thought crossed my mind, I decided against it, this time.

In general, I really enjoy writing. Be it writing a business case at work or a blogpost. Lately I found it hard to write outside of my job. Thus neglecting this space. So now I decided to set myself a little challenge for 2021.

I want to write 104 blogposts on this site in 2021. That is 2 each week. I thought about doing 365 but it feels like setting myself up for failure from the start. Knowing my life, writing a post every day isn’t doable, as I want it to be posts that actually say something.

So 104 it is. Probably will be Wednesdays and Fridays but that isn’t sure yet. I am creating a nice counter to place on the website so I can keep score.