Stoop Inbox: Interesting Tool

My mailbox is filled to the brim with newsletters. Many that I enjoy or even love, but also quite a few that have descended from that state into something that I barely tolerate. My Gmail inbox where all mail sent to an address linked to me ends up eventually, isn’t exactly a great place for the management of newsletters. It can be done. I have done it. But let’s just say I used some choice words that my kids are not supposed to say.

I tried several tools, but nothing stuck like Stoop. What the tool does is brilliant in its simplicity. You get an address from them, that you can then use to subscribe to newsletters. Those then end up in your Stoop Inbox, no longer cluttering your regular mail.

It takes a bit of discipline to check that box regularly, but if you can do that, it is an ideal tool. I tend to take an hour or so on my Sunday morning and browse through the newsletters I received over the last week while drinking a cup of coffee. The combination of caffeine and ideas from the newsletters creates a pleasant buzz in my mind and makes me think. And that’s why I subscribe to most newsletters in the first place, to encourage me to think!

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